The Benefit of Counting Macros and How to Get Started

If you are into fitness culture at all, chances are you have heard the term, “counting macros” at least a time or two. While it is a relatively simple idea, it can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. Within this article, we will be walking through the benefits of counting macros and howContinue reading “The Benefit of Counting Macros and How to Get Started”

How to Meal Prep Using Only $20

This video is a great example of inexpensive meal prepping. One of the reasons I love the “Tasty” videos is because they do such a good job going through each step and creating some fun, tasty meals for everyone to try! This video in particular goes through the process of making five dinners for twoContinue reading “How to Meal Prep Using Only $20”

5 Meal in a Mug Recipes Worth Trying

Meals that can be made in a mug and microwaved have started to become more and more popular–and for good reason! They are quick, easy to make, and require way less cleanup! They also make for great college recipes since you are usually only feeding yourself and maybe one other person! It can also makeContinue reading “5 Meal in a Mug Recipes Worth Trying”

Is Meal Prepping Really Worth It?

Preparing meals in advance for the week ahead (or meal prepping, as we call it) has become increasingly popular within the last few years. With life becoming more and more busy, a lot of people are looking for more ways to save time and money, and meal prepping is said to be one of thoseContinue reading “Is Meal Prepping Really Worth It?”