5 Ways to Make Money Fast

Participate in a Research Study

If you’re not against your body being used for science, this is a great way to make a good chunk of money on a time crunch. If you qualify for one of the studies, they will often have you come stay for a few days so they can gather information regarding a new medication or some other item they are currently testing. The money amounts offered vary depending on which research study you qualify for, but some participants have reported making anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000!

If you’re located in Kansas or Utah, there is a website where you can see what studies are available near you and see if you qualify. This site is a great resource and easy to navigate. You can reach this site by clicking here.

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Find Work as a House Sitter

I have had a few of my friends do this, and they have all really enjoyed it. Depending on the expectations set between you and the house owner, this one could be a relatively easy way to make money. Most house sitters are asked to water plants, take out pets, run water so their pipes don’t freeze, or a variety of other simple housekeeping tasks. To get connected to a job like this, you can set up a profile on the House Sitter website.

Sell Your Clothes

You’re probably familiar with this one, and lucky for you, there are countless ways to do it! There are apps like Poshmark and Thredup that make it super easy to either send your clothes in or to list them yourself. But if you want to skip the fees they take out, you could also opt to sell them yourself. One way that people have been finding success lately has been in making an Instagram account dedicated to the clothes they are trying to sell. This is an easy way to get people interested and able to see all of your clothes in one convenient place. 

Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels.com

Trade in Your Old Phones or Electronics

Do you have an old phone, ipad, or gaming system laying around? A quick way to make cash is to sell these items. To sell locally, you can always list it on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist; but these aren’t the only options. There are also sites dedicated to this kind of thing. Check out Swappa or Gazelle to sell these items quickly. If you want an even faster option, you might try taking these items to a pawn shop or ecoATM kiosk to get an immediate offer. To find a kiosk near you, click here.

Complete Gigs on Fivver

Fivver is a site that allows people to put in requests for something they need done. If you have skills in the area they are looking for, you could get paid to complete it! You can also put up your own freelance services that you would be willing to offer and get paid for. When people see your listing, they can contact you to put in a request. It can really be any task you have experience in and are willing to get paid for. Some good examples could be designing a logo, doing a voice over recording, translating something into another language, or even transcribing something. Just think of some skill you have to offer, and you can get paid to do it through Fivver. This could be easy money! You can access the site here.

Photo by olia danilevich on Pexels.com

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips! There will be more posts like this in the future, so make sure to subscribe if you haven’t already! 

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