Why You Should Always Check Price Per Unit Before Buying

This may sound kind of silly, but every time I see a little price label at the store, I think of my mom. This is because she taught me some really important money saving tips with these! If you look at the price label at a lot of grocery stores, they will often include a small ‘price per unit’ section. It can be easy to miss if you are simply looking at the much bigger sized price on the label. However, if you have never used the price per unit, you are missing out, because it really is a lifesaver for saving money. 

I remember being in my local grocery store growing up and looking around at all the products being sold on the shelf. Many of them looked different but had what looked to be the same food inside the packages. The prices were all different though! My parents, being very thrifty and wise with their spending, usually purchased the same brands each time. This piqued my interest.

 When I asked my mom about it, she took me to one of the isles and had me try to compare two products that were the same food but different brands. The next thing she did was show me the price per unit. She told me that it’s always a good idea to look at how much product you are actually getting compared to the price. This is especially important when deciding whether to buy an item in bulk or to just buy a few of the single items. One thing stores will sometimes get you on is the idea that buying in bulk is always cheaper. While most stores will give you a great deal for bulk, it is still important to check the price labels for the cost per unit and compare the two. 

This is something that has really helped me when deciding what to buy. It is so interesting to look back on some of these small things, like this one, that were taught to me by my parents. I’m really not even sure my mom remembers teaching me about price per unit, but it has become a very valuable piece of information in my life. 

I love looking back on little things like this and realizing how much of an influence people can have on our lives in the things they say–especially when it comes to people who we love and respect. My mom only spent a few minutes talking with me about this, but those few minutes now replay in my mind almost every time I go to the store. This also led me to reflect a bit more on what affect the things I do and say have on others. I wonder if there are things like this that other people look back on with me! 

It’s powerful to realize what a difference we can make when we take the time to teach and learn from one another. Even in simple things like cost per unit can make such an impact! I would love to hear more about moments like this that you have had in your life! Comment below to share your story!


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