Is Meal Prepping Really Worth It?

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Preparing meals in advance for the week ahead (or meal prepping, as we call it) has become increasingly popular within the last few years. With life becoming more and more busy, a lot of people are looking for more ways to save time and money, and meal prepping is said to be one of those ways. But what does meal prepping really have to offer? Is it worth the extra time set aside at the beginning of the week to prepare so much food? Let’s break it down into a few different parts to see what we find.

One thing worth looking at is the type of decisions you make when meal prepping. By preparing things earlier in the week, when you are not running late or feeling overly hungry, it makes it a lot easier to eliminate the foods that may be tempting, but not the best for your body. Along with this, there was a recent study done about meal preparation, and in it, they found that those who decided to meal prep, ended up eating a greater variety of foods than those who did not. So, if you’re tired of eating the same things over and over, or you feel you need to switch things up in your diet, meal prepping could be a good idea for this very reason. 

It is also a lot easier to eat the right amount. Meal prepping leaves a lot of space for portion control as well. Having your meals for the day already set aside in their own containers helps a lot to make sure you stick to the amount your body needs rather than overeating. This is a great way to help ensure you are sticking to the goals you have made if you’re looking to start eating the right amount for your body. 

Another reason many people are drawn to the idea of meal preparation has to do with the amount of time it can save later in the week. Although you still have to spend some time making the meals at the beginning of the week, it leaves for a lot of meals you don’t have to prepare later. 

Another aspect we can look into happens to be on spending. If you are meal prepping for a week (or longer if you are making freezer meals), it is likely you will be shopping for more bulk foods than single serving meals. And because buying in bulk usually leads to greater discounts, the amount of money being saved could also play a role in your deciding whether or not to jump on the meal prepping band wagon. 

Overall, I think meal prepping is a great idea for those who want to do it! There are so many ways to go about creating meals that are healthy and delicious, and those ways don’t always look the same for each one of us. So, choose the option that is best for you and your lifestyle; and if you don’t like it, then switch things up a little. It doesn’t all have to be work–have fun experimenting! 

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