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How to Stay Motivated and Consistent at the Gym

The beginning of the year can be a great motivator for many people when it comes to setting goals–particularly physical fitness goals. With the new year comes the idea of starting over and resetting, but this isn’t the only time for goal setting. If you feel you have fallen behind from where you would like…

5 Things I Learned While Travelling Across the Country

I try to post on this blog about twice a week–every Tuesday and Thursday, but lately that has been a bit thrown off, and I figured it’s about time I tell you why! A few months ago, I decided to book a flight out to Virginia. I’ve only been to the East Coast once or…

How Yoga Helps with Overall Health and Fitness

Dating back to 2700 B.C., yoga has been a beneficial tool for self-improvement and physical health from the get go. The regular practice of yoga can help improve many areas of life including physical fitness, mental focus, and circulatory health–to name a few. With so many benefits tied to it, learning more about yoga is…

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